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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Haberman has been selected by the McKnight Foundation to create a unified communications framework for the foundation’s Collaborative Crop Research Program (CCRP). The grantmaking program — an initiative to help smallholder farmers feed their world in ecologically friendly and culturally respectful ways — focuses on attacking “hunger hotspots” in Africa and South America.
  The CCRP is based on the vision of a world in which all people have access to the nutritious food they need, on the terms they can afford, and where food is sustainably produced in ways that protect local resources and respect cultural values. The program takes a holistic, ecosystem approach to agriculture, supporting research and partnerships that lead to increased crop productivity, improved livelihoods, and better nutrition.
  “We needed an agency to help us build communications connections for our researchers across the globe. We found what we were searching for with Haberman,” says Jane Maland Cady, International Program Director, McKnight. “Not only does the agency understand food and the issues surrounding access, they are in the trenches every day promoting and advocating for positive solutions within our food system. I love Haberman’s passion and authenticity — our two organizations share a tremendous value alignment.”
 “At Haberman, we’re passionate about telling stories of organizations who are making a difference in the world — like the McKnight Foundation,” said Fred Haberman, CEO, Haberman. “This collaboration is a perfect fit, meshing neatly with one of our agency’s key focus areas: eradicating food deserts and creating access to fresh and nutritious food for all. We are honored to be creating communication systems and language to offer all of McKnight’s CCRP researchers better opportunities to communicate. They are doing such important, world-changing work.”