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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Journey as a Graduating Student - By Tim Holtz

I’m excited but nervous. Exhausted but can’t sleep. I know I have to be ready for what happens next but there is no way to plan for it. This is the public relations industry I have been experiencing for the past three years and that I have grown to love. Of course, there are always “those” days where all the work seems overwhelming and too stressful to handle but for some reason those feelings are why I always come back.

Learning to love what many people consider chaos was not an easy task, though. The experiences of multiple internships, running the Firm for the University of Minnesota PRSSA chapter, studying abroad in Venezuela, and school are what helped me to realize that this was the right profession for me. 

What has made PR even more of a spectacular experience is that I really did not plan on working in the field; I more or less was dragged into it. I started college as a Civil Engineer, decided to drop engineering and started working on my Spanish degree. I felt I needed something more so I picked up a business management minor. Still feeling like something was missing I was persuaded to take an introduction to journalism course and my friend Andrew forced into PRSSA. It turns out that public relations, Spanish and management was the perfect combination for me. 

I’m graduating in May and like so many others I’m searching for my first job. I have interned to hone the necessary skills, have networked to gain insight into the profession, have scheduled informational interviews to find the right organizations, and have spent more time on my résumé and cover letters than sleeping. All of this has prepared me for the next step in my life. 

Luckily, I’ve been put in a unique position and have the opportunity to win that perfect job right out of school. The only problem is, it’s not up to the company or me anymore. I’m talking about the Fast Horse’s Summer Internship Contest.

Along with a video cover letter I submitted the following essay, explaining what I bring to the (s)table and why I deserve the gig:

Killin’ it for Fast Horse

Recently, a colleague dropped some philosophical knowledge on me: “thou shall not kill, but thou shall kill it.” After laughing for a minute, I realized how true these words are in my life and how they are more suitable to describe my work philosophy than, “Get ‘er done.”

Jumping into everything with two feet has really helped me live by this mantra. No matter what project I encounter, I not only work to “get ‘er done” and “get ‘er done right,” but I spend the time needed to kill it.

I’ve had a yearlong PR internship for the University of Minnesota and a marketing internship working on a soon-to-be released mobile app. I’ve built great relationships with local reporters and had stories get millions of views all over the world. I’ve developed video storyboards and built effective market strategies. In short, I’ve been continually challenged to step outside my comfort zone. 

So, why do an awesome mantra and a couple of jobs make me the perfect person for Fast Horse?
Through these experiences, I’ve learned that I constantly desire a challenge and always look to learn something new. I’ve learned that I’m determined, and have a continuous drive to succeed. This is why my ideal job is one that enables me to think outside the box, constantly learn, adapt to new situations, and is at a place where working hard is fun. 

Fast Horse brings all of this – and then some – to the table, and its track record speaks for itself: It says that creativity is key, and that if you push yourself and the team, any agency, no matter the size, can compete. And that’s why I’m competing to be the next Fast Horse intern.

Think I killed it? Throw a vote my way.

I will have until Friday to get the votes needed to win the job, so it doesn’t look like I’m sleeping much this week. But no matter what happens it has already been an amazing and very humbling experience that I hope continues into the future.

You can vote for Tim here and feel free to contact him by email or through Twitter.