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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Agency Insights Assist Marketers Seeking Better Connections With Female Consumers

Carmichael Lynch executives will address the “new normal” for women at the eighth annual Marketing to Women Conference (M2W®), April 24 and 25 in Chicago. Kelly Thompson, director of brand planning at Carmichael Lynch advertising, and Maria Reitan, senior principal at Carmichael Lynch Spong public relations, will share proprietary research results on the economic recession’s impact on women and provide strategic insights on how marketers can breakthrough in this changed economic climate.

Their research will cover the shift in the American Dream, how women today are coping with their new normal and how marketers can tap into these new attitudes and behaviors through meaningful engagements and a sense of empathy. Thompson and Reitan will focus on three types of female archetypes that have emerged through their survey of more than a thousand women of various life stages.

“It’s been four years since the economic meltdown, and marketers are still adapting to the different landscape for the female consumer,” Reitan said. “We will share concrete tips for connecting with women where they are mentally and emotionally right now.”  

“Now more than ever, personalizing communications is imperative to reaching and connecting with women,” Thompson said. “We’ll give best practices for how to engage women on their terms.”

Thompson has developed brand strategies to powerfully and authentically connect with women across a wide variety psychographics, demographics, categories and brands. Reitan chairs the agency’s Lifestyle Marketing practice, which is comprised of marketing to women, youth and boomers. Her weekly live radio show PurseStrings, featured on, is in its fifth broadcast year and is focused on the topic of marketing to the largest and most powerful consumer in the country – the woman. (
M2W® is the premier national marketing conference designed to help businesses learn how to increase their emotional, cognitive and financial share of the powerful, dominant women's market. The M2W® program features keynotes, general sessions, workshops, receptions and special events. Highlights include case studies and how-to sessions on topics such as media, creative, research, packaging, purchasing habits and point-of-sale interaction. For more information on M2W®, please visit