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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Employers Association - Social Media Conference: The Time is Now - March 18

I have been asked by the Employers Association to speak at the upcoming social media conference and would love for you to join me. Are you looking for ways your company can use social media to drive brand awareness and consumer/B2B traffic? Come to the Employers Association event on March 18 and find out.

Have you been asking yourself when and how to get onboard with social media? Where do we start? What should I know before my company jumps in? Who needs to "own" your company's involvement and content? How will you monitor feedback or measure ROI? What, if anything, should be asked of your employees already using Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? What are the legal considerations?
Big questions, indeed. yet, to sit on the sidelines now could have huge implications for your personal and business brand development and growth.

Facts: 50 million people were on LinkedIn in 2009. Another 175 million on Facebook and 18 million on Twitter. Potential or current customers? Candidates? Vendors? Clearly, the time to cultivate a clear social media vision, strategy and action plan is NOW!

Come learn the value and distinctions to be made as you decide what level of involvement is right for you and your business. This timely half-day conference will feature three distinct presentations from unique and hands-on subject matter experts.
Conference Presentations:

  • Employment law: What are the pitfalls and legal concerns with use of social media?
    • Presenter - Julie Holmes, Employers Association, HR Consultant
  • Marketing and Public Relations: How you and your company can use social media to drive brand awareness and consumer and B2B traffic
    • Presenter - Ryan May, Risdall McKinney Public Relations, Vice President
  • Recruiting and Workforce Retention: New tools for the looming "War for Talent"
    • Presenter - Paul DeBettignies, Recruiter, Blogger, Social Media Consultant

The time is NOW and it starts HERE!

Who should attend? Individuals who want to:

  • Better understand the types and functions of social media and networking; what are the different platforms and professional applications
  • Learn how to incorporate social networking and medial into your personal and organization's career development efforts
  • Learn how to take a systematic and thoughtful approach to advancing your understanding and use of social media and networking
  • Determine a strategy for using social networking and media for business
  • Understand the legal, policy and resource issues with effectively "managing" social media

This conference will be held at EA's Plymouth location.