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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Accountants have CPA. Doctors have MD. Lawyers have Esq. PR has APR

Want to add more credibility to your name? How about three letters? APR.
The time is now. Get Accredited.
If you have been thinking about joining the ranks of thousands of practitioners across the U.S. that have earned their Accreditation in Public Relations (APR), the time is now.
Practitioners who have successfully completed PRSA’s voluntary certification program have said it’s added to their PR knowledge base, made them more credible in the field and enhanced their desire to continue practicing and studying public relations. APR is not just three letters to put behind your name. It’s proof that you have demonstrated broad knowledge, experience and professional judgment in the public relations field. It also signifies your commitment to study for and prepare for the Readiness Review and written test—the two requirements in achieving APR.
What is the process? Learn more here.
Who is eligible?
Any PRSA member in good standing can earn Accreditation. However, it is recommended that candidates have at least five years of experience in the full-time practice or teaching of public relations and have earned either a bachelor’s degree in a communication-specific field (e.g., public relations, journalism, mass communication) or have equivalent work experience, which includes public relations principles, public relations writing, public relations campaigns, research, ethics and law and internship (practical experience under supervision).
The Accreditation program is administered by the Universal Accreditation Board (UAB), a consortium of nine leading industry organizations, including PRSA.
Who should I call if I have questions?
You will find detailed information about earning APR on
Locally, please contact Minnesota PRSA Accreditation committee co-chair Janet Swiecichowski, APR at
At National, contact Kathy Mulvihill, Manager, Universal Accreditation at (212) 460-1436 or, or the national website for additional information.