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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

MN PR Professionals Share Secrets of Career Success

In a recent career tip sheet, I shared my top tips for building a kick-butt PR career from hard won wisdom during my more than three decades of experience serving PR clients from Cirque du Soleil to General Mills. This two-page download is free by simply subscribing to the MaccaPR blog here, and features 17 tips including these favorites:

1.      Say Thanks. Master the exquisite art of individualized thank you’s – personal expressions of gratitude (not a mere email) to anyone who helps you on your career journey. When I was young and foolish, I innocently neglected to thank a Twin Cities business executive who had been enormously helpful when I was networking – and he remembered that slight for more than five years. Be young, but don't be foolish.

2.      Understand the Power of Names. Try hard not to misspell people’s names. It’s one of the only minor transgressions that people never forgive and forget.

3.      Return Phone Calls. Fast. Incredibly, few do this – and if you do, I swear it’ll make a positive impression. Former Minneapolis Star Tribune business writer Neal Gendler told me the story about his attempt to reach Edina Realty CEO Ron Peltier for an interview, only to be told by staff that Peltier was in an airplane en route to a distant business meeting. Minutes later, Gendler’s phone rings – incredibly, it’s Peltier, returning the journalist’s call from 30,000 feet. Decades later, Gendler still retells that story with reverence.

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