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Friday, December 19, 2008

ARAcontent Responds to Industry Trend Toward Shorter Newspaper Articles with Quick Read Program

The trend toward quicker-to-read articles is spilling over from online news sources to hard-copy newspapers. Web-friendly features such as shorter articles, easier-to-scan layouts and increased use of bulleted lists are finding their way into print. According to the Project for Excellence in Journalism’s “The State of the News Media 2008” report, more than half of newspapers say that their average story length decreased in the past three years. The previous year’s report found that the number-one reason people cited for not reading the newspaper was lack of time.

To respond to the trend toward shorter, easier-to-scan articles, ARAcontent offers its Quick Read program, which combines writing and distributing a full-length feature article with a second condensed version. The full-length article is designed to appeal to editors at the nation’s largest daily and weekly newspapers, while the Quick Read article of up to 250 words caters to newspapers and Web sites that don’t have space for full-length articles. ARAcontent, a division of ARAnet, writes, distributes and promotes feature article releases to more than 12,000 editors of daily and weekly newspapers and Web sites.

In addition to giving editors more options to choose from, the Quick Read program provides ARAcontent clients with increased value by reaching more editors, publications, Web sites and consumers with two articles for the price of one. “It’s no secret that the economy is forcing companies across the country to tighten their belts, and scrutinize the return that each marketing tactic generates,” says Scott Severson, president of ARAnet. “We’re always looking for ways to deliver more value for our clients by helping them deliver their messages to consumers, and we’re confident that our upgraded two-track approach will help marketers generate increased – and more cost-effective -- results.”

In addition to the two articles, the Quick Read program includes distribution of two high-resolution photos; online access to reports detailing placement, impression and advertising dollar equivalency; plus hard-copy and electronic clippings. Articles cost less than $5,000, with quantity discounts available for multiple releases. For more information on ARAcontent’s Quick Read program, contact Jeff Bialek at 866-287-9168 or