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Tuesday, December 05, 2017

CobornsDelivers launches new advertisment - Little Man

CobornsDelivers, the trusted local employee-owned grocer that has been providing Twin Cities
homes with online grocery delivery for over eight years, has a new TV spot,
from SHOUT Creative.

The New Hope, Minnesota-based company offers convenience and rigorous quality control to shoppers who’d like to save themselves the stresses of an in-person trip to the store. We all know how bad  it can get: fighting parking lot traffic during peak hours, missing out on after-work yoga class because dinner must hit the table at 6 and there’s no
food at home, trying to keep healthy food goals in mind even though treats beg to be impulse-purchased as you make your way down the aisle...and for parents of babies and young children, the risk of the dread mid-shop meltdown.

SHOUT and CobornsDelivers have created Little Man, a TV spot that makes light of the seismographic changes to a toddler’s demeanor that show a temper tantrum is in the offing. It’s a funny, relatable spot that will have every parent nodding—Mom’s back is turned as she tries to remember everything on her list….but the viewer knows before she does is that it’s already too late. For a five-dollar delivery charge, she could have saved herself the trip to the store, the time spent shopping, and the super-stressor of having an entire store’s eyes on her as she carries her screaming little guy to the car.

Hey, we’ve all been there!