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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

5 Valuable Trade Show Public Relations Tips

Public relations (PR) is all about getting a positive message out to the public. It is something that is absolutely crucial for any organization, but you do not have to burst your budget to be successful. The media is a big part of a public relations campaign and it is looking for stories that are interesting, not necessarily the ones with the most money behind them. Here are some ways to have a successful public relations campaign at a trade show. 

Use the PR From the Show

You do not have to reinvent the wheel. If the trade show organizers have a PR plan in place, do what you can to piggyback onto it. Make sure you have a presence in the media room and at any press conferences. Chat with the organizer to see what their plans are so that you can initiate those plans into your strategy. 

Target Your Message

"Always have in mind the primary purpose of your attendance at the show. If media members are there, they will want a story that will interest their viewers or readers. Tailor your message to whatever outlet you are dealing with at that moment in time," said a spokesperson for CenterPoint Marketing, a Minnesota trade show design company. 

Produce a News Release

This will be the first point of contact with the media for this event. It should be no more than one page, and it should hook the reader with a creative headline. Like a news story, make sure that it answers the who, what, when, where, why, and how of your message. 


Simply sending a news release may not be enough. do not be afraid to give a media contact a call to let them know you are sending them information. You can also follow up with them to ask if they've received it. During these conversations you can try to get them to commit to stopping by your booth for a chat. 

Build Relationships

During these conversations you can develop a rapport with your contacts. That way they do not feel pressured or hassled by a stranger. While you will not necessarily be friends, it is good to be on friendly and familiar terms. You can provide information that's unrelated to your goals, but will further cement the relationship. 

Hopefully with these tips your next trade show appearance will be the public relations success you hope it will be.