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Friday, December 06, 2013

Quantum spot introduces new brand mantra

According to Quantum Fishing, the performance fishing gear arm of Zebco Brands, you can’t make high performance fishing gear without snapping a few rods. At least that’s the message of a new Quantum Fishing television commercial created by Minneapolis marketing agency Gabriel deGrood Bendt (GdB).

The spot (which can be viewed here) takes viewers insides Quantum’s multi-million dollar research and development facility in Tulsa, where rods and reels are tormented to their limits to simulate years of use. Machines imitate thousands of casts by repeatedly punching reels, graphite rods are snapped in a protective glass booth, and handles are spun 24 hours a day to ensure that the gears don’t wear down.
The spot crescendos with the repeated visual mantra of “Tinker, build, fish, repeat.”
The Quantum Performance Tuned Series (PT) is the focus of the commercial. The PT umbrella represents Quantum’s most advanced fishing technology, including the lightest, sleekest, smoothest reels and rods the company has developed.
“We wanted to reenergize the PT brand in 2014,” said Bob Bagby, VP of Marketing at Zebco Brands. “Success is not an end point at Quantum. We are constantly improving our reels and rods before serious anglers put them to the true test, and we wanted a spot that captures our drive for endless innovation.”
GdB has been proud to partner with Zebco Brands as agency-of-record for over 11 years, a rarity in today’s marketing world.