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Friday, November 01, 2013

No longer niche: Conscious Consumption goes Mainstream

Seventy percent of American adults are actively trying to make more conscious decisions regarding health and wellness, according to “THINK,” a new research study of 2,000 U.S. adults published by advertising agency Clarity Coverdale Fury (CCF) in partnership with Mintel. The final report, issued today on CCF’s “INSIGHTS” blog, rounds out a series of five reports focusing on Conscious Consumer behavior and trends.

“The notion of ‘conscious consumption’ and a more Conscious Consumer is no longer on the fringes but is heading mainstream,” said Rob Rankin, director of brand development at CCF. “Our data suggests it may already be mainstream and will only continue to gain traction.”

The momentum that is taking place in this space translates to increased consumer attention when it comes to health and wellness. “THINK” found that while seventy percent of adults are attempting to adopt a healthier lifestyle, only nine percent say they are “always in control.”

“Brands that offer assistance and make it easier to participate in healthy behavior stand to win,” said Rankin. “A wave is building, and consumers are looking to brands to help them make a move.”

The “THINK” survey results also identify a “Moveable Middle” in this consumer set: those who have yet to conform to the extremes of fully accepting or rejecting conscious consumption and are most open to change.

“The momentum is there,” said Rankin. “The question for us is how marketers will leverage this momentum and how consumers will latch on to those manufacturers and service providers who adapt along with them.”

Target is looking to leverage this with their new line of organic and GMO-free products, “Simply Balanced.” The “THINK” report also cites other national brands like Whole Foods, CorePower Yoga, LifeTime Fitness and Lumosity that have already begun to help establish these Conscious Consumer trends.

The full research report can be accessed online by visiting