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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Campbell Mithun hires two of its Lucky 13 interns to cap off summer of staff growth

Campbell Mithun Lucky 13 interns Ben Blaska and Brian Skalak earned summer employment via their ideas for Twinkies, but they’ll be staying permanently in account leadership positions to assist teams serving KeyBank and several General Mills brands (Betty Crocker, Helper and Bisquick).  The hires cap off a summer of staff growth, with new employees recently added to the agency’s account leadership, creative, Compass Point Media and onsite General Mills teams. Additional employment opportunities remain available.

“We always strive to hire our Lucky 13 interns at the end of the summer,” said Debbie Fischer, director of human resources at Campbell Mithun.  “This year Brian and Ben join us during an exciting time of organic growth.  Our other two interns, Jonathan and Harry, return to Syracuse and UNC Chapel Hill and we wish them well as they complete their degrees.”

Blaska and Skalak transition from interns to associate account managers on Monday August 12th and couldn’t be happier:

Embed video (link to be public Aug 9th):

“I was incredibly humbled by the offer to continue to stay on board at Campbell Mithun,” said Skalak. “The people and atmosphere here make it the perfect place to start a career. I hope to continue to gain the respect of my team and learn new skills every day.” 

“I am excited to work on brands I grew up eating,” said Blaska.  “And it’s nice to be starting my career with Brian and keeping the duo of ^BB and ^BS together. Campbell Mithun invested time and energy into training me and I look forward to contributing to its business.”

The 2013 Lucky 13 Summer Internship Experience

Each of the agency’s 2013 Lucky 13 interns joined agency client account teams in their respective disciplines: Brian and Ben gained experience as account leadership interns; Harry and Jonathan served as media interns.  Together they also completed an intern-only project, which in 2013 involved developing a millennial engagement strategy for nonprofit Greater Twin Cities United Way.

The four 2013 Lucky 13 interns have plenty to say about what they learned this summer.  In addition to blogs summarizing their experiences – see posts by Ben Blaska, Brian Skalak, Jonathan Unger and Harry Whitaker – the interns created a series of 13-second videos throughout the summer including this Batman-inspired interpretation of life as an intern.

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During their final week of the internship, Ben, Brian and Harry also answered the following three questions (Jonathan had leave the internship early due to an injury; his answers will be added soon):

1.     What surprised you about the Lucky 13 experience?
a.     Ben Blaska: The amount of influence we had on the creative work surprised me – writing copy, critiquing work and brainstorming ideas.  I expected to be in the corner taking notes but that definitely was not the case.
b.    Brian Skalak: Biggest surprise was the amount of “real life” work we did for our client -- touching on disciplines ranging from creative to production, in phases from brief to execution. Additionally, learning the speed of the business was great.
c.     Harry Whitaker: If I was surprised by one thing, it would be the effort and trust that everyone at Campbell Mithun puts into the Lucky 13 program. From weekly check-ins, the speaker series, softball, our own Twitter account, the summer project and real client work, this was no fade-into-the-background internship experience.

2.     What was easier / harder than you expected?
a.     Ben Blaska: Getting started was easier than I expected and writing a brief was definitely harder than I expected: thoughts, strategies and insights don’t always translate easily into words on paper.
b.    Brian Skalak: How well all four of us got along and worked together was easier than I expected; balancing all of my client’s projects has been one of the hardest parts of the summer.
c.     Harry Whitaker: It was easier than I thought to ask questions of and learn from people in the agency. Filming the 13-second confessional videos were hard – the time constraint made it tough to candidly speak my mind.

3.     Is there one thing you learned that you know you’ll carry into your career?
a.     Ben Blaska: I will not go anywhere without pen and paper. It’s impossible to take mental notes for everything. I got through college with minimal notes, but advertising is an entirely different animal.
b.    Brian Skalak: I’ve learned more than I expected, and a list would be too long to put together. From learning by doing and watching, to talking about the industry over a casual beer, I’ve been well prepared for my future career.
c.     Harry Whitaker: I’ve learned that everyone thinks, processes information and works differently. And that looking at something from another perspective may open your eyes to possibilities you never saw before.