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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

RebelMouse: An Easy Way to Organize Your Social Media Brand

How are an increasing number of brands able to organize all of their social media activity to one front page?  They are using RebelMouse, a social networking service that will aggregate selected content from sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Google + and feed them to a page that is styled like an online newspaper.

Launched in June 2012, RebelMouse is the creation of the former Huffington Post CTO Paul Berry.  According to its website, more than 200,000 RebelMouse pages have been created.

Not only is RebelMouse a capable service for a social agenda, it can be used as an instrument for brands.  In fact, a growing number of businesses - including NowThisNews, TIME, and EcoWatch - use the service as either their primary homepage or as a promotional tool.  For $3 per week, a company can create a custom URL.  Additionally, a business can invite admins for collaboration.

Another reason that RebelMouse is suitable for brand support is that members can provide their social media activity to a broader audience.  Those that do not use social media can view a company’s Twitter and Facebook posts at once on a RebelMouse page.

A notable feature of RebelMouse is the way users can organize their feeds and updates.  With many social platforms, the newest posts automatically take the forefront and force all of the previous posts down the page.  It doesn’t matter which post is more significant, the newest one will be viewed first.  However, with RebelMouse, members can simply click on a post and drag it to any location on the page.  Members are allowed change the size of specific posts and freeze them where they please.

Although it is not yet a household name, RebelMouse might become a prominent social media competitor in 2013.

Posted by Marcus Holt