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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Introducing the NEW Minnesota PRSA Event Pass...

Minnesota PRSA is now offering a new way to save on MN PRSA chapter events throughout 2013. The NEW MN PRSA Event Pass allows members to purchase an event pass for either 5 or 10 events at a discounted rate. 
This year, the chapter is thrilled to host a wide range of events with industry leaders. Currently, 13 events have been planned (including 2 free networking events). 

Here's how it works:
MN PRSA will be offering two different Event Pass levels:
·        Silver Event Pass (5 events) for $75 ($15.00 per event)
·        Gold Event Pass (10 events) for $125 ($12.50 per event) BEST VALUE!
Event Pass Advantages:
ü  Flexibility
   o   Register for events but if you are not able to attend, no big deal, you won't be "charged" on your Event Pass
   o   Your Event pass is transferable to anyone (MN PRSA member or not)
   o   Want to bring a friend? Sure! They can be charged to your Event Pass
ü  Cost Savings
   o   Events throughout the year can add up, but by purchasing an Event Pass you can save up to 75 percent on PRSA events
ü  Simple To Use
   o   No need to fill out multiple expense reports anymore - just one and done!

For more info or to get your 2013 Event Pass, visit: