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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

PRSA - Infusing Creativity Into Your Job

What allows someone to turn a mental block into a breakthrough? Why does an answer to a challenge appear when it is least expected? How can you be creative no matter your industry, role or experience?
Join PRSA on September 27 and break open the black box of imagination with four of the Twin Cities’ elite PR and creative geniuses. They will engage andinvigorate you as they share practices that help generate new ideas by creating a culture of innovation.
The evening’s interactive discussion will begin by presenting you with a problem. Encouraged to open up their minds, participants will collaborate with each other and the panelists to practice techniques that divide and conquer the traditional way of thinking. You will work with your team and panelists to learn:
  • How to creatively approach the problem
  • Exercises that get teams thinking in new ways
  • Ways to avoid the standard “stand in front of a white board and shout ideas” approach
  • Leverage creative use of new channels and technologies
  • Use the available data and analytics as a launching point for high impact campaigns
Social media marketing and digital channels have transformed what creativity means today. Join us as we ignite the brainpower it takes to listen, cultivate and recognize a solution when developing creative campaigns in today’s integrated, multichannel world.

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