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Friday, May 25, 2012

A newbie's perspective

I’m young. Impressionable. Ready to take on the world with little knowledge of what that entails.

My insight into the world of public relations is limited, but my eagerness to understand the in’s and out’s of the many sectors of the industry keeps me excited to learn more. After spending a year in the University of Minnesota’s chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), I have begun to understand more about myself, in particular I have become more aware of where I may fit into the industry in my years to come.

Speaking with the many public relations professionals who sacrifice time for us young professionals, I have come to realize the importance of feeling comfortable and excited about the work that I will be doing, who I will be working with, and the environment I will be performing my work in. After all, if this work is to become my career, I do need the motivation to keep rolling with it.

One of the best things that I have come to discover about the public relations industry is that, regardless of what you’re passionate about, what you support or don’t support, or what your goals are, there are areas within the industry that are suitable to every lifestyle. It has recently occurred to me that my first priority is to seek out a business with values that line up with my own. In turn, I hope to be spending my time working towards something I care about with people I can relate to and feel comfortable around.

With a desire to work in a collaborative, creativity-charged environment, I have been actively exploring the possibility of working at an agency. As previously mentioned, the thought of working in a setting that does not motivate me is very unappealing. After performing some research and weighing my values, I have realized that there are plenty of great agencies around the Twin Cities metro area that really excite me because the work that is done there. One such agency is Carmichael Lynch Spong, located in downtown Minneapolis.

At Carmichael Lynch Spong, an energetic and communication-based work model is derived from the desire to fulfill clients’ needs. The work performed there is driven by much more than the duties of the job, but also by a true commitment to the client. In addition, the sustainability efforts that Carmichael Lynch Spong puts forth in order to create less of a harmful impact on the environment is something to be applauded, and something that I value as a lifestyle choice.

It really is the little things that create the desire to turn dreadful duties at the office into an exciting and sought-after lifestyle…At least that is the perspective of a young, impressionable PR newbie.

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