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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Carmichael Lynch Takes the Sasquatch Out of His Element in New Campaign for Jack Link’s Beef Jerky

You can take Sasquatch out of the woods—but you can't take the woods out of Sasquatch.
Carmichael Lynch is putting beloved Jack Link’s brand mascot Sasquatch in unfamiliar territory in its latest effort for the brand, showing that jerky is way more than an outdoorsman’s snack.  The new “Snackin’ with Sasquatch” campaign puts Sasquatch in all new scenarios and environments, but maintains what fans of the Effie-winning “Messin’ with Sasquatch” campaign have loved all along: funny interactions with snack-hungry jerky fans.
Eight new “Snackin’ with Sasquatch” :15 spots find Sasquatch indoors -- a bit naïve and curiously exploring unfamiliar surroundings, such as a book club, gaming session, carpool and coffee break room.  In “Coffee Break” Sasquatch is horrified by the taste of hot coffee and goes to great lengths to protect colleagues from taking a sip.
The campaign also includes new “Messin’ with Sasquatch”:30 spots, in which Jack Link’s jerky eaters continue to prank an unsuspecting Sasquatch. The spots show new pranks, locations, and monster-size retributions.  In one, campers around a fire pull the classic “Snakes in a Can” trick on Sasquatch. They run back to the safety of their trailer, but are quickly one-upped when Sasquatch throws a live snake through the window.  
“Nature evolves.  And thus, so does nature’s biggest fan, Sasquatch. We are giving fans of this campaign what they love, and at the same time welcoming them to a whole new world of jerky snacking,” said Carmichael Lynch Chief Creative Officer Dave Damman.  “As this work shows, you can feed your wild side anywhere, anytime, and when you do, Sasquatch will be there--so be prepared."
 “’Messin’ with Sasquatch’ has become synonymous with Jack Link’s,” said Bret Ocholik, VP of Marketing at Jack Link’s. “We love how the ‘Snackin’ with Sasquatch’ campaign adds new layers and dynamics to the concept.”
The new spots begin running on Memorial Day, two weeks prior to National Jerky Day (June 12), and run throughout the summer. Additional components of the campaign include custom Sasquatch integrations on sites such as Funny or Die,, and the Onion.

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