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Friday, December 09, 2011

Practicing Public Relations to Recruit for Public Relations

Public relations is not machine run, yet, but in a sense it the people must work together like a well-oiled machine with interactive parts. This can only be achieved by recruiting the best possible people for your team, and this can only be achieved by recruiting in new ways. David Spark, of Spark Media Solutions and discussed new recruiting tips for 2012 at the ERE Recruiting Innovation Summit, but here’s the great eight.

1. Find the Best People First, Train Later
Just as candidates are, always be looking for hiring the right people, not just when you need to fill a slot. If people stick out in your mind when you’re not looking, it’s a good sign. When it comes to the Y Generation, many have skills and few the right attitude. Hire for the attitude and train for the skills.

2. Make Sure Everyone Likes the Candidate, Somewhat
Like a well-oiled machine, the parts have to work well together. The correct parts are the most important aspect of the tool. Make sure the other employees like the candidate, somewhat. Find someone who compliments the staff, but doesn’t fit the mold. Organizations that continue to replenish the mold, continue to replenish a way of thinking without being innovative.

3. Assign Homework, Maybe a Little Math
Viktor Nagornyy, founder of Viktorix, requires a little basic math in every submission. If they answer it correctly, it lets him know they are paying attention to details, and it screens out those who refuse to answer.
An unpaid assignment, acts as a mini-unpaid internship. It demonstrates the candidates that are passionate as much about the company as you may be about them. It will weed out numerous candidates, while showing you the candidates’ attention to detail, creativity and how they communicate their ideas.

4. Don’t rely on the Resume
It may show their ability to create a professional document, but it does not demonstrate a person’s passion and communication skills. Follow up

5. Ask Their Favorite Cuss Word
James Lipton of Inside the Actors Studio, he says it is so unexpected and catches them off-guard that it will see how they act on their feet. Perhaps if you demonstrate what cuss word is your favorite, it will throw them off so much they cannot recover, or you will be able to experience their sense of humor.

6. You Have the Right, to Probe
Ask what the candidates’ dream job is. It will demonstrate their motivations and their ability to be open and communicative with you. It will also let you know if their motivations compliment that of the company. Even if your offered position is not their dream job, it doesn’t mean that it might not be soon. Also inquire to their past positions. If they seem uncomfortable talking about their past jobs, it could suggest they were fired, or it could show you that they were unwilling to do certain tasks.

7. Practice What You Preach; Conduct a Follow-up
Go beyond the interview. Send not just a follow-up e-mail but also ask to meet up for a cup of coffee. Get to know the potential candidates beyond just the interview.

8. Value Social Networks
“Good talent knows other good talent.” Look to your employees to find the best fit, and look to your top followers. It’s a great start if the people demonstrate a passion for your brand before they are even employed.

Elizabeth Schoenborn
University of Minnesota
Jour 3279
Blog Assignment