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Monday, September 20, 2010

Journey to My Job: Kasey Skala

Kasey Skala
This post of "Journey to My Job" features Kasey Skala, who started his job as communications specialist at Great Clips in July.

       1.  Tell me about your career path so far, and how you found each of your jobs.

Prior to my current position at Great Clips, I spent five years in the financial industry working at both small financial firms and large banking institutions. Also, other than my current position, all my jobs were the result of a professional connection referring me.   

       2.  Describe what you do in your current position at Great Clips.

My role with Great Clips has a mix of responsibilities, with my primary duties being geared toward overall corporate and brand communications – focusing on both internal communication with stylists and external corporate relations efforts. Additionally, I am responsible for our online communication work.  

       3.  What worked well for you in your most recent job search?

The thing that I feel was most beneficial was simply meeting with other professionals and companies regardless of whether or not they had open positions. By getting my name out and forming relationships, I didn’t have to go through the job search by myself. It made the process a lot less stressful knowing that I had others keeping their eye open for me and passing along opportunities they came across.

4.  What would you have done differently in your most recent job search?

Job searching can be quite stressful and you can lose hope quickly. In the beginning, I think I took the process a bit too personal and got down on myself if I didn’t get an interview or got passed over for another candidate. It took a while to realize that it’s not personal and that I needed to keep my head up and continue to plug away.

5.  What advice do you have for job seekers today?

Network. The community in Minneapolis is such a social and supportive group that you’re only doing yourself a disservice if you aren’t attending events, having coffee with professionals and getting your name out there. Recommendations go a long way in our industry and you never know who or where your next lead will come from.

Also, I’d preach patience. Be picky and make sure you find the right fit. Don’t jump at every opening you see. While it might be frustrating not having a job or being in a position you don’t enjoy, it’ll be a lot worse having to go through the job search a second time.

Connect with Kasey through LinkedIn or Twitter.

-- Brant Skogrand, APR, MBC