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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fast Horse launches “Intern-For-A-Day” program

Fast Horse has launched a new “Intern-For-A-Day” program for its Facebook community. The agency introduced the page, “The Fast Horse Experience”, in 2009 to offer opportunities for a “digital informational interview.” Its goal was to provide a resource for aspiring professionals seeking internships or entry-level positions in advertising, graphic design, marketing, PR, interactive, etc.

Since activating the page, Fast Horse has hired a few interns it met through the page. Today it started The Fast Horse Experience Intern for a Day program in which the firm will put out calls for guest posts for its blog, The Idea Peepshow, once every two months. Interested applicants will then have two weeks to send a post and Fast Horse will pick its favorite and publish it on the blog. The agency will also hire that person for a one-day paid internship.

Along with the guest blogging gig and one-day (eight hours, $12/hour) contract to work at Fast Horse, each intern will get an office tour, free lunch, and the opportunity to showcase his or her creativity, do real client work and get a sense of what agency life is like.

The call goes out to anyone. Any age with any set of interests or skills. The only requirement is that applicants be a member of Fast Horse’s Facebook page. After the intern-for-a-day is selected, Fast Horse will tailor the work day to fit the winner’s interests. The winners can pick their day — and if they aren’t based in the Twin Cities or able to make the trip, they can hot-desk, or work outside of Fast Horse walls for the day and keep in touch via phone/email/Skype, etc.

Here are the application instructions for the first open call - which starts today:
  • Write a blog post on the broad subject of your reaction to a marketing campaign or message that caught your attention recently. Whether you found it to be effective or poorly done, just make sure to tell why.
  • Send the post to by 5 p.m. Oct. 4
  • Keep the posts to about 400 words
  • If you’d rather submit a video, MP3 of a podcast, collection of photos telling a story, or whatever else, feel free to do so

Each of the following open calls will be made on Fast Horse’s Facebook page, so ‘like’ the page and visit the ‘Discussions’ tab for questions about this program.