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Monday, November 23, 2009

Red Kap work wear brand chooses OLSON

Red Kap work wear brand has chosen OLSON as agency of record, to handle holistic marketing efforts to build the ultimate movement and to reach microcommunities. 
“Every day, six million people wear Red Kap clothing to work, but very few of them even realize it,” says Stephen Phanco. director of marketing, VF Imagewear.  “We’ve hired OLSON to help change that.”
“Red Kap is the ultimate community brand, and it’s so right for the times,” says Kevin DiLorenzo, OLSON president. “The people who wear Red Kap to work today are the ones who keep our country moving, just like those who were wearing it back in 1923.  Red Kap is an authentic work wear brand, not a fashion statement.”

As part of the world’s largest publicly owned apparel company, VF Imagewear, Red Kap, based in Nashville, Tenn., is part of a family of leading brands, such as Wrangler, Lee, The North Face, Vans, Reef, Jansport and many more, that provide complete apparel solutions.