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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Get Off My Side, says Olive Garden

On the front page of today's Wall Street Journal is a story about Kendra Wilkinson and her professed love of Olive Garden. What's the problem?

Wilkinson is a Playboy cover model and Olive Garden doesn't approve of her endorsement of their Chicken Parmigiana.

Talk about making a non-issue into an issue. By complaining about Wilkinson endorsing the company, Olive Garden has brought it straight to the front page of the WSJ and an audience that otherwise may never have been exposed to Wilkinson and her love of Italian/Americana cuisine.

Entertainment sites like Gawker and Radar may be expected to comment on this issue, but for it to end up on in the Wall Street Journal brings the issue to a whole new level.

Ms. Wilkinson's quote in the Journal sums it up best:
Ms. Wilkinson says that when she started praising the restaurant on television and on her very popular MySpace page, it never crossed her mind what the folks at Olive Garden might think. "I don't speak about it to get paid for it," she says. "I speak about it because I love it. I understand they're a family restaurant, but I think it can't hurt them to have a little spice."