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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

ARAnet Announces New B-to-B Online Marketing Tool

Adfusion gives B-to-B marketers a way to drive qualified visitors to their Web destinations.

ARAnet, Inc., an innovator in helping marketers connect with customers, introduces a tool to help marketers reach business-to-business audiences online with the release of its Adfusion business-to-business channel.

“This is a revolutionary development because for the first time, B-to-B marketers can drive visitors to their Web destinations through content-rich Adfusion articles,” says Scott Severson, president of the Hopkins, Minn.-based ARAnet.

Severson says Adfusion customers only pay for visitors that arrive at clients’ Web destinations through articles placed on the Adfusion network, making the service highly measureable.

“The visitors that Adfusion delivers to our B-to-B customers are extremely high quality. A visitor clicks on a headline based on interest, reads a short article about the subject, and then clicks to go to our client’s site to learn more,” says Severson. He says the credibility of the Web networks on which his clients’ articles appear add credibility to marketers’ messages.

ARAnet has been offering Adfusion to consumer marketers since 2005. Since then, it’s grown to serve over three billion impressions monthly.

Severson says the secret to Adfusion’s success has been using well-written headline topics to allow readers to self-qualify based on their interest in the subject matter and then guiding them to click through to client Web destinations to take action.

“Now B-to-B marketers can appeal to business audiences with this proven method, driving self-qualified and motivated business people to their sites,” Severson says.

Adfusion’s sister product is ARAcontent, where a team of journalists writes and distributes consumer lifestyle articles featuring clients’ products and services to a network of publications and their Web sites. ARAcontent generates thousands of article placements, with a measurable return on investment model.