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Monday, January 15, 2007

Energize Your Business with Writing

You don't want to miss the Minnesota Women in Communications Professional Development Seminar on Jan. 18. The topic is: Energize Your Writing. There will also be a panel discussion on writing for diverse audiences, writing for the web and e-communications, and writing blunders in the new millennium. Details below.
  • Writing for Global Audiences: Panel Presentation
    Diversity of the audiences to whom we communicate is expanding. In this fast-paced society we live in, it is sometimes hard to keep up! Our panel of experts will share their insights on writing for global audiences, giving you key take-away concepts and some “dos” and “do nots” to guide you through your writing. Time will be set aside for open dialogue and questions at the end of this session, so be sure to bring those burning questions you have!

  • Writing for the Web and E-Communications
    Is your Web site copy making users feel smart and successful? Or is it driving them away in droves? Customers come to your web site for two main reasons: to gather information and to complete tasks. As Web writers, our job is to make their visits as effortless as possible. From how we organize information on the page to the way we structure a paragraph, the most important question we can ask is: what does the reader need to succeed? In this session, led by Kristina Halvorson, you'll learn:
  • How people read online (and why it matters)
  • Top 10 Web writing best practices
  • 4 easy ways to edit your Web copy
  • How a content inventory can change your life
  • Writing for New Media: Don't Forget the Basics Though we all have had grammar drilled in to our heads from grade school on up, many of us did not learn about the Web and other new media until much later. Join us as Laura French, communications consultant and Star Tribune freelance writer, walks us through the basics of new media and the key writing blunders. You’ll leave this session feeling energized and able to apply the concepts learned to your own writing.
  • To get more details on speakers and to register, please visit their Web site.