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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Caguin and Husband wish they knew how to quit Colle+McVoy

Mike Caguin and Eric Husband wish they knew how to quit Colle+McVoy. But just over a year after they left the agency to work as senior creatives for Butler Shine Stern and Partners in Sausalito, Calif., the two returned to Minneapolis to handle ACD responsibilities for Colle+McVoy.

"Why are we back? Simple, Colle+McVoy is doing great work and has lots of potential. And we wanted to get back to Minnesota." said Caguin.

"When we left, things were just starting to get rolling here at Colle+McVoy. Butler Shine was an offer we couldn’t pass up, but we felt it was a good time to come back," said Husband.

For those of you keeping score, it's Caguin and Husband's third time back at Colle+McVoy.

While at Butler Shine, Husband and Caguin worked on BMW MINI, Sun Microsystems, Coca-Cola and Sprite. The team helped create the MINI fuel economy campaign and the MINI shared space campaign—a series of ads that take advantage of the car’s small size to donate the remaining ad space to nonprofits.

"It's of course a compliment to have them back, in our new downtown space, working on our clients instead of someone else's," says John Jarvis, Colle+McVoy CEO and chief creative officer. "That's nice, but really, most of all, we like them. And their work isn't bad either."