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Friday, July 20, 2018

Job - AltiCure - Marketing Communications Specialist

AltiCure - Marketing Communications Specialist

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Job - Edina Public Schools - Digital and Media Specialist

Edina Public Schools - Digital and Media Specialist

Job - Best Buy - Social Media Specialist

Best Buy - Social Media Specialist

LEVEL Rebrands as LEVEL Mpls

To boldly broadcast Minneapolis as a creative destination to brands nationwide, advertising, digital and brand strategy agency LEVEL has rebranded as LEVEL Mpls. Its new name embraces the agency’s Minnesotan roots to emphasize local ties, though clients come from all over. As part of the update, LEVEL Mpls hired muralist John Grider of Broken Crow to adorn their headquarters with life-sized art reflective of the boundless creativity the agency delivers for clients.

“We’re showing people you don’t have to travel to one of the coasts to get innovative branding and creative,” said Dave Damman, chief creative officer. “Other cities don’t have the calling card that Minneapolis does. Size doesn’t matter either – it’s what an agency can bring to the table that counts.”

To bring the LEVEL Mpls brand to life artistically, the agency coaxed Twin Cities artist John Grider of Broken Crow out of retirement. The artist was given free rein to produce avant garde art throughout the office.

“I tend to research places before I paint there, and I connected with Level's mission statement,” said Grider.

Murals include a 20-foot-tall eagle and a den full of timber wolves overlaying the stairwell. The artistic intention behind these pieces is simply “creativity for creativity’s sake.”

“As soon as people walk through our doors, we want to be the most interesting part of our clients’ day,” said Damman. “We are a small but powerful agency that is relentless in developing brands, and we are creating an energy and space to deliver on our strengths.”

Building on that energy, LEVEL Mpls recently has added new clients, expanding into the outdoor recreation, snack foods and spirits markets.

“We proudly say that the creativity of Minneapolis is in our blood,” added Damman. “We’ve been able to attract and hire some of the best talent in the market to grow our clients’ brands.”

As part of its rebranding, LEVEL Mpls has a new logo and a redesigned website.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Job - University of Minnesota - Program and Communications Coordinator

University of Minnesota - Program and Communications Coordinator

Friday, July 13, 2018

Job - Uponor - Content and Social Media Specialist

Uponor - Content and Social Media Specialist

Coloplast chooses Riley Hayes for EasiCleanse™ brand

Coloplast an international healthcare products and services company, has chosen Riley Hayes to create a brand awareness campaign for EasiCleanse™, which strives to be the future of bedside bathing and bathing protocols for hospitals across the country.
Riley Hayes’ first challenge will be getting this unique single-pack solution into the right hands for trial. The agency has said it will use smart positioning, precision audience segmentation and of course, inspired creative.
“We’re thrilled to be co-conspiring with Coloplast on EasiCleanse,” Riley Hayes Engagement VP, Dan Hoedeman says. “This product isn’t just an upgrade for patients, it’s an upgrade for the entire hospital supply chain. Marketed the right way, EasiCleanse could change the way hospitals everywhere care for their patients.”

Monday, July 09, 2018

Job - Cummins - Senior Marketing Communications Specialist

Cummins - Senior Marketing Communications Specialist

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Happy Independence Day!