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Monday, February 26, 2018

5 PR Considerations for Franchisees

Buying into a franchise is an exciting prospect. You are investing in a brand that is already known, established, and hopefully credible, and helping continue its growth and development. Managing a national brand is an incredible challenge as well. Growing a business that operates all throughout the country offers a unique set of challenges. Whether you are buying in or managing, there are certain things you must know when it comes to marketing and public relations (PR) if you are a new franchise. Here are some tips.

Be Local

Yes, you might be a part of a national brand, but it works best if the franchisee is free to adapt marketing to local tastes and consumer trends. Making a connection with the consumers who are most likely to use your product is absolutely vital. A franchisee should have their own social media pages, and even a web page, even if it is part of the overall franchise's page.


"One of the primary benefits of franchising is to be a part of a national brand," said a marketing spokesperson for ServiceMaster by Hedden. "Make sure that marketing is consistent with that brand, with a few tweaks for your local consumer base. The national brand has been successful for a reason, so take advantage and piggy-back off of that success."


That said, while having a national brand is a benefit, it is true that certain campaigns won't work the same everywhere. Franchisees should be able to make their own choices on campaigns that fit within the overall brand strategy.

Develop a Strong Team

Having a strong marketing team is massively important. They should be following trends, customer satisfaction, and brand consistency through every region you operate. They should be working with the local franchisees to make sure they are getting the most out of their own marketing efforts.

Do Not Complicate Things

Simplicity is beautiful when it comes to franchises. Franchisees should be provided with marketing materials, signage, templates, and other marketing materials that are simple to use and simple to adopt. Making it easier on franchisees will allow for solid brand consistency.

Whether you are a franchisee or managing a national brand, marketing should be a key part of your overall business strategy. Follow these tips to find success.