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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

The Accessible Website is the Newest PR Superhero

If there were anyone in the business world who saves the day every day, it’s the accessible website. This simple to obtain tool works on its own to bring customers to a business, yet some businesses simply haven’t gotten on board yet. If your business isn’t on board, find out why fast, and change it. If you need help in reviewing how your website communicates with your customers, get on these tips today.

Check Out the SEO
How is the SEO on your website doing? You can check this by making sure all the links work properly, and that they are anchored to an appropriate phrase. The days of using “click here” to entice customers are gone. You need a true call to action, with a link to further reading, to update in today’s SEO world. People are skimming websites, looking for interesting links and headlines. Use links such as, “read the article”, “click for more news”, or, “click here for more information on (product name)”. This will not only increase keywords, but will entice real people to follow through.

Improve the Experience
Consider the overall customer experience on the website. Do the buttons need to be bigger? Who is your target audience, and is the site something they would enjoy using? Is the site easy to use no matter the device? How much work does a customer have to do to get information and order a product? All these questions matter in the overall experience. If it is negative in any way, the likelihood of return customers lessens. Ask a test group for feedback on the site, or ask an impartial party about the overall experience. Take suggestions seriously.

Consider Visual Aspects
Think about a personal interaction with a website that had red letters on a dark background. How long did you stay on the site? The visual aspects are the first aspects a customer encounters. If the site is too hard to read, there’s no reason for a customer to stay. If you are going to use different colors for backgrounds, make sure to check the outcome before sharing the site. Successful sites typically have the most important information in black letters on a white background, with advertising in different colors. However, if the color combination can be read by a variety of users, then it is okay to mix it up. Remember to test the site often for accessibility.

By Lucy Wyndam -