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Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Minnesota College Grads: Here’s How to Get Your Start in Public Relations

For public relations majors who have recently graduated (or who are about to graduate) from college, breaking into the world of public relations can seem daunting. While core bachelor degree courses certainly help provide the education necessary for an entry-level position, it is a field that demands experience to thrive. Knowing how to get started is often one of the greatest obstacles facing recent grads.

If you are or if you know someone who is about to embark on his or her public relations career, explore some of the top ways to get a head start.

Don’t wait to start networking
Networking isn’t just for established professionals or business owners. In fact, networking stands to benefit the recent grad far more than a public relations professional who already has established industry connections. Even before graduating, attending local networking events is of incredible value. You will be able to start creating your own network of connections, open yourself to unique opportunities, be able to seek advice, and help you work your way into the industry at a quicker rate. Not sure where to find a networking event around you? A quick search of Minnesota networking groups, as well as speaking with your college or university, should lead you to several networking groups.

Consult with your college or university
Nearly all colleges and universities have some kind of career center. If you’re finding it challenging to look for entry-level public relations positions, your school’s career center can act as an invaluable resource. Most of these centers have connections to hiring managers at local companies, as well as alumni within the field in which you are interested. They can also help with interview practice, job searching, and résumé writing (usually free of charge).

Consider applying for an internship
Although it may not sound desirable, sometimes the best thing that a recent graduate can do is to pick up a relevant internship in his or her field. This is especially true if you were unable to get real world public relations experience during college. Even if an internship is unpaid, it can bring you needed experience and potential opportunities for your first job. If money is of concern, you can also work toward creating multiple streams of income while completing your internship. Pick up side gigs in your local area, or find work from home opportunities online.

Starting your career in public relations
Following the tips listed above will help recent college graduates who have earned their degree in public relations to begin their careers. Although it isn’t easy at first, taking ownership of your career is one of the first steps to success. Rather than letting your career take twists and turns as they come up, recognize what you have control over and pursue success in those areas. Being proactive about the path your career takes is the best way to start a meaningful, lifelong career in public relations.

By Lucy Wyndam -