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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Job - Humera - Upstream Marketing Manager

Humera - Upstream Marketing Manager

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Job - PR Manager, SEA LIFE & LEGOLAND Discovery Centers, North America

PR Manager, SEA LIFE & LEGOLAND Discovery Centers, North America

Friday, October 20, 2017

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Job - Orbital ATK - Communication Specialist

Orbital ATK - Communication Specialist

Monday, October 16, 2017

How To Make Freelance PR Writing a Sustainable Career

The job market is diminishing. While the unemployment rate in Minnesota is lower than the national average, there is no doubt that improving technology is leading to a loss of traditional manufacturing jobs. Graduates are finding it tough to enter their dream career and the job market in general is changing. More job seekers are turning to internships, while others are taking on less secure work in the emerging sharing economy. If you have marketing and skills and a creative mindset, you can try freelance PR writing, allowing you to earn income while working for yourself.

Is There Demand for Written Content?

While news websites and magazines are cutting costs, the demand for specialized writers is increasing due to the internet. Social Media and search engine sites such as Facebook and Google have a constant need for PR material because they must be updated on an ongoing basis.
PR writing is more broad than you may think. You can do anything from completing paid survey assignments to designing Google ads. Basically, anywhere you see specialized content is a potential job opportunity for writing in the PR industry.

Where to Seek Work 

Firstly, you need to know where to find work, which can be done using the right laptop and an internet connection. Start by searching job sites such as Career Builder or Craigslist. The more sites you search the better chance you have of finding the right opportunity.

If you are an experienced PR writer, you can limit your search to large corporations, who will offer well-paid, regular work. If you are just starting out, however, look for individuals who need some PR. Maybe they’ve just released a book or are starting a project and need you to help market their new venture.

Alternatively, approach local political parties and non-profit organizations. They will have less money to offer, but there is a never ending demand from these smaller organizations for PR. While all experience is valuable, never work for free. This is a waste of time and won’t help your career to progress. If you are serious about making a living from PR writing, then you need to value yourself enough to charge a fee, however small.

Making a Success of It 
Once you’ve found work, you need to prove that you are capable. The best thing you can do for your career is to impress your client so that they will approach you if new opportunities arise. Building a strong reputation ensures a sustainable flow of paid work.

Freelance writing might sound like an unstable source of income, and for many it is, but it is also a growing market with endless opportunities. If writing is a serious passion of yours, then rest assured a living can be made from the comfort of your own home. All that is required is a dedication to research and the drive to succeed.

Job - Sleep Number - Corporate Communications & Public Relations Sr Director

Sleep Number - Corporate Communications & Public Relations Sr Director

Job - IMDb Social Media Marketing Manager

IMDb Social Media Marketing Manager

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Avoiding common overtime infractions in Minnesota

Avoiding Common Overtime Infractions In Minnesota

Employment law is a complicated topic which most people do not like discussing. However, understanding and following these laws is important as it can save your company thousands of dollars from being spent on lawsuits which can arise from law violations. Do you know if your company employees understand the Fair Labor Standards Act?

Most employers fumble easily, especially on overtime violations. There has been a rise of FLSA lawsuits over the past years because employers continue to violate the Fair Labor Standards Act unknowingly. It is hard enough running a business, so you do not want the additional stress of facing the law for overtime violations. Below are ways to avoid common overtime infractions.

Understand How Overtime Accumulates

One way to avoid overtime infractions is to know how to calculate overtime. Calculate the overtime based on the total hours your employees work. Overtime hours are estimated by the week, not every two weeks.

Unfortunately, most employers find ways to avoid paying employees overtime wages. It's easier to adjust the workweek or change the time zone to reduce or eliminate overtime, but the DOL understands all these tricks.

The Federal FLSA Vs. The Minnesota FLSA
To avoid common overtime infractions, one needs to understand the FLSA because the DOL takes these violations very seriously. The FLSA is a set of laws put together to protect employees. According to the federal FLSA, employers need to pay their employees overtime wages for all hours worked above 40 hours every week.

However, the Minnesota law requires them to pay employees for all hours worked above 48 hours every workweek. Businesses that do not compensate staff for overtime violate the law and commit wage theft.

Employers are expected to be up to date on the current federal and Minnesota laws to avoid overtime violations. If the company is found liable for FLSA violations, they will be on the hook for back wages, fines and could face jail time.

Put Into Action Clear Overtime Policies
Another way to avoid overtime violations is by employing overtime policies and consistently following them as a company. A rock-solid overtime policy is the best way to protect your business against FLSA violations. As a rule, employers should always review and update these policies and ensure they are being implemented and followed.

Do Not Overlook Off-The-Clock Work
Employees are on the clock when they;

  • Take work home
  • Stay late
  • Clock in early
  • Work through lunch

Employers need to pay their staff for all the work they know about. Unfortunately, many employers tend to overlook off-the-clock work. The best way to avoid overtime violations is to have a strong policy that defines when employees are allowed to work off-the-clock.

Ensure you train employees to account for all their work time and learn how to calculate their overtime.

Also, avoid automatic timesheets that clock your staff's in and out at predetermined times or deduct for breaks. This will fail to record any given day that an employee works through lunch or clocks in earlier.

Classify Employees Correctly
This can be tricky. It is easier if you have a Human Resource department because they understand labor laws. According to research, more than three million employees are currently misclassified. Employees earning less than $455 every week are non-exempt. Besides, to be salaried-exempt, an employee has to be an executive or administrative. Furthermore, there is also the problem of classifying workers as independent contractors when they should be considered as employees and part of your staff.

As opposed to employees, independent contractors define their work and only do short-term work. Misclassifying employees can attract a higher fine, therefore; you need to assess the classification status of all workers.

Better Safe Than Sorry
You need to pay employees overtime wages for all the hours worked even if the overtime was not approved. To avoid overtime infractions, it is essential for your company to implement and put safeguards in place to prevent unnecessary overtime. Besides, you have the option as an employer to discipline staff members who fail to follow these overtime policies put in place.
Remember to be practical with these tips so your company is not just another employer guilty of overtime violations. These violations, according to the FLSA attract a maximum civil monetary penalty of $1,925. That can really add up!   

Author Bio:
Tim Becker Partner at Minneapolis’ Johnson // Becker PLLC, and lead sponsor of He is committed to providing clients effective, aggressive legal representation, and has prosecuted numerous individual FLSA violation claims.