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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Zipko Strategy and the Connolly Kuhl Group Join Together to Launch Velocity Public Affairs

Zipko Strategy and the Connolly Kuhl Group today announced they have joined together to create Velocity Public Affairs. Velocity is built on two long-standing, successful firms that have already been supporting similar clients with strategic services. The new, full-service public affairs firm is committed to bringing their clients exceptional service through strategic planning, grassroots marketing and mobilization, government relations, marketing communications, coalition building and media relations.

“Velocity is an opportunity for both of our companies to build on what is already a strong partnership,” said Mike Zipko, Principal of Velocity Public Affairs. “We bring together a unique mix of media, business, government and political campaign experience that is incredibly important to help our clients.  Working as partners we have been able to help our clients solve challenges.  Together as Velocity, we are excited about building on this success.”

“The challenges people face today are often more complex and intense because of how technology has blurred what used to be clear lines between marketing, public relations, business, and politics,” said Carl Kuhl, Principal of Velocity Public Affairs. “Our background and blend of experience is important today in a marketplace where a tweet or Facebook post can create an immediate challenge or opportunity for a company or organization.  Our focus is using our experience to create meaningful results for our clients.”

Velocity Public Affairs serves clients across the upper Midwest and is an active partner with fourteen chambers of commerce. Its team has helped clients in a wide variety of industries, including mining, housing, energy, manufacturing, construction, hospitality, transportation and development. It has also worked with public sector and non-profit clients including cities, port authorities, charities, and other non-governmental organizations.

“Our two companies have been very fortunate to have been able to serve clients across the region and in different marketplaces,” said Patrick Connolly, co-founder and principal of Velocity Public Affairs.  “We are fierce advocates for our clients and together as Velocity we are excited about the chance to do more to help create results and impact.