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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Twin Cities Marketing Non-Profit Announces First Female President

The Minnesota Search Engine Marketing Association (MnSearch) announced today it has appointed its first female president, Jolina Pettice. As President, Jolina will help underscore the importance of gender diversity in marketing tech, and aims to inspire other women to get involved in this community.
With Huffington Post citing 2017 as “Year of Women” and on the heels of TIME Magazine’s “Firsts: Women Who Are Changing the World,” the organization is thrilled to fall lockstep in place with these nationwide efforts. Jolina will take the reins on October 11, giving up her previous seat as secretary on the MnSearch Board. “It truly is a momentous occasion to have Jolina move into this role,” said Tony Tellijohn, MnSearch’s outgoing president. “She was one of the first board members we added after forming, and served for two years as our first membership director before spending the last two years on our Executive Committee. We are certain her experience, focus and leadership will benefit MnSearch members tremendously during her term.”

In her new position, Jolina is determined to elevate the organization’s profile within the Twin Cities community, and continue expanding on existing efforts such as increasing membership diversity and encouraging women in marketing tech. “Our organization encompasses members from a range of backgrounds, including marketing, search, content, digital and more. We will continue to play an integral part in helping these professionals excel in their jobs, grow in their careers and connect with each other locally, but we’ll also focus on broadening our perspectives and growing our diverse base in the process,” says Jolina. “On a personal level, it’s my mission to help women advance their careers and assume leadership positions, and this platform will be a great way to continue those efforts.”