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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

FLM+ and Harvest PR & Marketing Join Forces as FLM Harvest

FLM+ and Harvest PR & Marketing today announced they will join forces, merging highly complementary competencies, cultures and client portfolios across the farm, food, environmental sciences and lifestyle spectrum. Together, the companies will rebrand as FLM Harvest.
The coming together of the firms is the culmination of two unique teams and success stories over the past decade. FLM+ and Harvest have been among the fastest-growing and most successful agencies in the food and agriculture space in recent years. Combined, the new organization will have more than 80 team members in operating locations from coast to coast.

“We have watched and admired the growth and business strategy of Harvest for some time,” said Rob McClelland, president/CEO of FLM Harvest. “This acquisition will help us realize a long-standing goal to fully build out a farmer-driven food practice, and have more depth and expertise in reaching consumers to tell the story of food, agriculture and environmental sciences.”

FLM+, a hybrid strategic consulting, marketing and communications company, specializes in agriculture and life/environmental sciences to improve the lives and health of plants, animals, people and communities. The FLM+ team focuses on setting strategies, aligning teams, framing opinions and creating demand.

Harvest PR & Marketing represents a unique spectrum of food and farm clients, with a heavy focus on grower organizations, national commodity boards and food associations. The agency has won more than 50 national awards in the past five years, and was recently named 2017 Outstanding Boutique Agency by PRWeek.

“Our goal is to harness the combined expertise of both teams and create an organization that delivers innovative solutions and results to clients in the industries that we serve,” said Heidi Nelson, executive vice president of FLM Harvest, and founder of Harvest PR. “We’re excited to bring consumer insights to our combined clients and proud to join with a company that is farmer driven and so deeply rooted in agriculture.”