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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

ACCESSIBLE360 Welcomes New Addition to executive team

Accessible360, a new consultancy that helps businesses ensure their websites are fully accessible to disabled Americans, announces two new hires to its leadership team. The firm, co-founded by Mark Lacek, has added Peter Quale as vice-president of accessibility and remediation and Kelly Heikkila as chief technology officer.

            Peter Quale joins Accessible360 after nearly two decades auditing websites for concerns ranging from e-commerce optimization, speed, and, of course, accessibility—an early area of focus for him. He was previously VP of search and analytics at Nina Hale, Inc., where he consulted with hundreds of local and national clients on every facet of digital functionality.  As VP of accessibility and remediation at Accessible360, he works with clients to effectively develop and manage accessible websites, apps, documents and emails. He also speaks and trains teams on the importance of digital accessibility and future developments in the assistive technology space.

“I’m thrilled to be playing a part in a mission I believe in so strongly, with a team I believe in emphatically,” said Peter. “Accessible360 will change the online experience of the disabled, a development that’s long overdue. I began my career building accessibility into websites two decades ago, only to watch with dismay as those concerns were eliminated from shrinking budgets over the last 15 years. Joining this company is coming full circle for me, and I can’t wait to see the impact our work will have.”

            Kelly Heikkila joins Accessible360 as CTO with 20 years of software development experience, having built solutions for some of the world’s largest organizations. After his web and mobile development agency :coderow was purchased by Kinetic Data in 2014, he became director of products at the company, which builds enterprise request management software. As chief technology officer at Accessible360, he oversees technology strategy and development, product services and deliverables, and fostering strategic partnerships.

            “I’m excited to join this particular team of people, many of whom I’ve enjoyed working closely with on previous projects,” said Kelly. “To help achieve the goals of Accessible360 is a tremendously meaningful opportunity, and I can’t imagine an assembly of talents better equipped to achieve it. As I see it, this company truly offers something rare: the combination of an amazing business potential and a crucial social good.”

“Peter and Kelly are already operating as huge assets to our team, and we’re so proud to have them applying their considerable talents to the Accessible360 mission,” said Mark Lacek, co-founder, Accessible360. “These two are both major stars in their areas of expertise, and their excellence is fueling our competitive edge. With Peter and Kelly on board, our quest to open up online spaces to disabled Americans will touch and improve the lives of an uncountable number of people — and that’s something to be very excited about.”

Accessible360, co-founded by Twin Cities entrepreneur Mark Lacek, helps businesses ensure their websites are fully accessible for disabled Americans — to make them ADA-compliant. Accessible360 provides counsel for businesses on this new mandate — including auditing websites for compliance, making repairs to restore usability and monitoring sites for ongoing issues. Accessible360 also provides training and guidance to bake accessibility into the technology design process, so it isn’t a one-off event but part of an ongoing effort and culture.
            Accessible360 makes the internet open to all through website accessibility consulting and services. Its diversified team brings a breadth of experience in accessibility, web development, marketing and technology that follow accessibility directives from courts and the US Department of Justice.