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Friday, April 14, 2017

Marketing Tips For Your Beauty Salon

The beauty salon market can be very competitive, and as a business owner you need to make sure you stand out above the rest. Good marketing is so vital in getting clients to choose to make an appointment with your salon instead of the one across the street.

Knowing the objective of a marketing campaign will determine what elements will be in it. If your goal is to have as many people walk through your doors as possible, the campaign will be shaped differently than if your goal is to get recognition for an achievement. Sometimes a campaign is designed simply to say, "Hey, we are still here" so that people keep you at the the top of mind when they think of beauty salons in your city. 

"It goes without saying today that every business should have a website, and that includes your beauty salon," said a spokesperson for a Minneapolis spray tan salon. "However, having a website is not enough. With so much competition out there, having a site that sits well down the list on search engine rankings isn’t helpful. Make sure your site is optimized for web searches, so that when people in your area search for beauty salons, your site is right near the top." 

The best advertising is word of mouth. In this age of social media, if you strategize right, you can get word of mouth on steroids. Create a profile for your business on several social media sites, and post content often. Engage with commenters and reviewers quickly and amicably. It never hurts to have some friends and family members leave some positive reviews for you. You can also offer free or discounted services for testimonials on your Facebook page. The more people you interact with on social media, the more other potential clients will see your brand and be drawn to it. Make use of social media and reap the rewards. 

Owning a beauty salon is a highly competitive business at which it can be tough to succeed. Use these marketing tips to get your salon to stand out amongst the rest.