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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

CCF Hires Hanna

Clarity Coverdale Fury (CCF) has hired Nissa Hanna to lead account planning services for the agency.

“Our strength is using marketing communications to change behavior for the good,” said Rob Rankin, CCF President. “Nissa’s passion for understanding consumer motivations and desires builds upon our ability to help brands resonate with today’s Conscious Consumers, which is the target audience that often helps drive and lead behavior changes.”

Hanna brings over a decade of experience in account planning and consumer insights to CCF. In her most recent role, she led category and demographic practices as a researcher and editor with CEB Iconoculture. Her approach combines elements of anthropology, journalism and marketing to push past common assumptions and surface-level information. She seeks to identify disconnects, hurdles and true insights that reflect and resonate with consumers' emotional needs.

CCF's account planning capabilities are comprehensive and integrated, ensuring that target audiences are well defined, understood and represented throughout the development of brand strategy, creative, digital and media.