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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Ann Bancroft Foundation Taps Clarity Coverdale Fury for Brand Evolution

With its 20th anniversary on the horizon, the Ann Bancroft Foundation has tapped Clarity Coverdale Fury for its brand evolution. The Foundation, founded in 1997 by its namesake and polar explorer, Ann Bancroft, has a mission to support girls’ dreams and their efforts to live to their potential. Clarity Coverdale Fury was chosen to expand the current brand to connect with the Foundation’s growing number of stakeholders and to prepare for the upcoming anniversary.

“Clarity Coverdale Fury has a long history of partnering with organizations that seek to better their communities and the world at large,” said Rob Rankin, President and CEO. “It makes a lot sense for us. The work they do to help inspire and support young women and girls is absolutely incredible. We are very excited to partner with the Ann Bancroft Foundation to help them evolve their brand. It’s an area where we have a lot of experience.”

The Ann Bancroft Foundation provides grants, mentorship, leadership development and networking for Minnesota girls age five through high school graduation. The Foundation works with like-minded individuals and organizations, which makes Clarity Coverdale Fury an ideal partner. Their work with ClearWay Minnesota, YWCA and Boy Scouts of America encourages improving communities through both digital and traditional communications and media expertise.

“We chose to partner with Clarity Coverdale Fury for their extensive branding and marketing experience, as well as their ability to achieve strong results,” said Sara Fenlason, Ann Bancroft Foundation Executive Director. “We also found their team to be passionate, inquisitive and collaborative; a great fit for the Foundation.”

The Ann Bancroft Foundation recently held its annual dreamXchange event with its fundraising efforts netting over $100,000.

*Ann Bancroft, explorer and founder of the Ann Bancroft Foundation, and Rob Rankin, Clarity Coverdale Fury President and CEO, celebrated their organizations' new partnership at the Foundation's annual dreamXchange event on April 28, 2016 (see picture).