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Wednesday, April 06, 2016

5 PR Tips to Ensure Success at Promotional Events

Spring is one of the peak periods for corporate events such as exhibitions and conferences. Standing apart from competitors and catching the attention of potential customers can be quite a challenging task for staff members.

Despite the popularity of the online medium and social media, face to face communication remains of one of the key drivers for the growth of a business. It has an extremely favorable impact on boosting the customers’ response and conversion rates. Below are five useful tips to help you plan, promote and execute a successful business event:

#1 Make sure the event is compatible with your brand

The event must be compatible with your organization's business goals and the values and priorities of your organization. The event must be thoroughly evaluated and customized to match your organization's objectives and brand image during the initial planning stage.

#2 Extensively promote the event

Events must be thoroughly promoted online and by using traditional media to create "buzz". The speakers at the event should be promoted using various online marketing methods such as email marketing, social media marketing and blogging for maximum outreach.

Trained public relations (PR) personnel should not only give interviews and interact with the media; they should follow up with media representatives and other event participants after the event.

#3 Ensure maximum interactivity

Events must have extensive and active participation from the attendees to increase their level of engagement with the event. Purely passive activities such as long Powerpoint presentations should be kept to a minimum or completely eliminated in events.

#4 Widen the scope of the event

You can increase the visibility, reach and impact of an event by widening the invitee list beyond purely business contacts. Inviting journalists and bloggers who cover topics related to your business will give your event good exposure and visibility. You can also give select previews of the event to select journalists and bloggers to make them feel exclusive and guarantee good coverage.

#5 Share event outcomes

Conducting various engaging surveys during the event will increase the interactivity of the event. The results of such surveys conducted during the event can then be shared with the participants and media after the event for maximizing the reach of the event.

To ensure maximum efficiency, it might be wise to use a SMART goal setting app such as to keep track of your marketing progress.