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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

5 Essential Blog Marketing Tips

Blog marketing, if done properly, is one of the easiest methods for increasing website traffic. If you are planning to start a blog, I recommend that you follow the five essential blog marketing tips below. Doing so will help you improve the chances that your blog will rank high on the major search engines.

Keywords. Targeting keywords is crucial in order to rank on Google. Instead of making your entire article focus on one keyword, choose a few keywords that are similar to your primary keyword and sprinkle them throughout the article. For example, instead of constantly writing your primary keyword: blog marketing tips, I could have used blog promotion tips in my article title or even blog marketing plan. This way, you can add more relevant ideas and lengthen your article.

Remember that the headline is where your keyword belongs. It is easier said than done. Many amateur bloggers ignore this important step. Instead of having one long paragraph , break your text into three paragraphs of 300 words each and insert a headline that features the keyword you wish to rank for. This will benefit your search engine ranking.

Blog size. Build your site with at least 10 pages. You can do this by writing a page or a post for each of the keywords that you have chosen and put them together. Thereafter, you could link them together. For example, your post about 'blog marketing tips' could be linked to a post about 'blog promotion tips'. That could, in turn, be linked to a post about a 'blog marketing plan'. This practice not improves the link structure of your website; it connects your whole site together.

Update your blog frequently. After optimizing and diverting traffic to your blog, update it every 3-5 days. A blog is interactive and must always contain the latest, relevant information. People will stop viewing your blog if they find the same information each time they visit it.

Comment on other blogs. Find blogs that are similar to yours and post relevant comments. Avoid spamming. Post comments that are actually useful. Blog commenting is a crucial element in marketing. Make sure that you are careful.