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Friday, March 18, 2016

Are Free Press Release Distribution Sites Worth Your Time?

There is a general idea that free press release distribution services can be a workable option for marketers who do not have a lot of resources at their disposal. Free press release syndication, therefore, becomes an enticing alternative, though some critics argue that it is not as effective when compared to paid services.

It is important to note that free press release distribution is cost-effective and will definitely give your business valuable exposure to media participants. This will help them to market your business to the wider public in the information segment that pertains to your business.

However, we need to appreciate the fact that free services will fall short when compared to paid services. Your release will reach the free sites, but very few of them will distribute it to verified and reputable media contacts. This makes it more difficult for you to build a credible list of media contacts by industry, geography or specific product references. And we all know that in both off-line and on-line marketing, "money lies in the list".

Free press releases also tend to be published on online platforms only, while some paid-for release sites publish via multiple media sources, thereby making the distribution wider. Free services are mostly concerned about generating publicity for your business, even when you are not advertising anything in particular. This way, readers are encouraged to take action by replying to the marketing calls and messages contained in those releases.

It may not be possible for you to directly share your posts in media such as Google News, but many good press release outlets can do so. Other reputable websites offering free press releases include PRLog and Free Press Release. Others will even welcome guest editorials that have a high value-adding nature. So if for one reason or the other you settle for the no-cost releases, remember that they are still great for SEO.

Free press release distribution services can also meet the marketing needs of a modern business because they are fast, east and effective. They are usually included in premium marketing packages on B2B websites. However, some are quite limited, allowing a maximum of one release per day. They are still better than nothing at all since your products and services will get some exposure.

As the media landscape keeps on evolving, free press releases are also getting redefined. Editors are becoming increasingly picky on the specific types of content that they want associated with their news media. Ultimately, you get what you pay for.