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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Gdb - Park Dental Clips Tooth Fairy's Wings

Gabriel deGrood Bendt (Gdb) out of Minneapolis is helping Park Dental highlight its local doctor-owned status and reputation for personal care via the TV spots described below.

Park Dental Clips Tooth Fairy's Wings
New campaign from GdB touts a more enlightened approach to dentistry

The Tooth Fairy (who happens to be named Carl…who knew?) stars in a new TV campaign from Park Dental, which operates 40 doctor-owned practices throughout the Twin Cities and western Wisconsin.

In the first of four spots, a Park Dental dentist explains to the Tooth Fairy that times have changed and maybe it's time he hung up his wings.  He counters by saying maybe he could evolve and become the Tooth Ninja.  Subsequent spots feature various attempts by the Tooth Fairy to hold onto his day job (or night job, as it were).

"Park Dental has been an innovator in dental care since it was first established in Brooklyn Center in 1972," said Brian Delgado, marketing manager for Park Dental.  "This lighthearted campaign serves to position us as the forward thinkers in the category and remind people that our practices are owned by dentists who are emotionally invested in their patients."

Park Dental’s theme line "With you every smile of the way" speaks to that relationship.