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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Creative Shop Carols for a Cause

Minneapolis creative shop Gabriel deGrood Bendt (GdB) is making an earnest attempt at caroling for a good cause. In the spirit of Always Thinking®, the agency produced “Wassailing for Dollars” to benefit the United Way’s “Stop the Learning Loss” campaign, which helps disadvantaged students do better in school. Viewers are given a choice of watching three caroling videos. The longer they watch, the more money goes to the United Way. 

”We originally planned to carol on a street corner and have people pay us to stop singing,” said Tom Gabriel, CEO of GdB. “But now we’ve created an online version, and are making the donations ourselves… assuming our viewers can put up with the joyful noise.”

To reach the max per view donation of $2.00, viewers simply have to make it through the full four-minute video. It may be harder than you think, see for yourself at