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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

8 Tips for Marketing to Older Generations

As the children of the baby boom age, seniors are now controlling more than 70 percent of disposable income in the United States. Knowing how to reach this senior demographic is crucial for today's business. Using strategies that appeal to individuals older than 55 requires rethinking your delivery model. For example, members of this population segment prefer direct mail.

Here are eight additional senior marketing tactics:

#1 Remove Risks

Senior citizens want a brand they can trust. Offering reassurance such as a free-trial period, lifetime warranties or money-back guarantees will go a long way in reaching this group.

#2 Choose Language Carefully

Insulting your client is one of the fastest ways to lose business and it certainly holds true here. Senior citizens are often insulted by the term "senior citizen". Even using the word "senior" in your marketing can have a negative impact.

#3 Work to Build a Relationship

This demographic values a personal relationship with a brand and tends to take time getting to know the product and company before buying. With this being the case, personalized mailers are an excellent way to connect with this group.

#4 Be Direct

Members of this age group have a great deal of experience, and they've seen a lot. This means that they have heard many advertising pitches in their lifetime. Most of them just want a message that is straight to the point and one that doesn't focus on technical jargon.

#5 Stratify the Group

It is a mistake to place all of the members in this group into one demographic. However, if you examine the demographics more closely, you will see that three distinct groups exist.

Oldre is referring to the following:
  1. Those still working (46-57) and actually at the peak of their earnings.
  2. Those who are preparing to make the transition from work to retirement (55-65).
  3. Those who are now entering retirement (66 and beyond).
#6 Do not Rely Solely on Price

Simply offering the lowest market price won't be enough to win interest from this group. Just like younger consumers, senior buyers are just as likely to try new brands or even switch entirely.

#7 Keep it Simple

This group really appreciates direct communication. Creating complicated sales promotions is a fast way to lose their interest. Be straightforward and offer simple promotions.

#8 Personal Service is Best

As we mentioned before, senior consumers take time to get to know a company and want a personal relationship with their service providers. Instead of relying on a web-based platform for customer service, offering an easily accessible, live phone operator will be greatly appreciated and foster the kind of relationships that guarantees future sales.