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Thursday, December 17, 2015

5 Tips For Using Cloud Technology in PR

With the increasing popularity of cloud-based computing as a business solution, developing cloud public relations (PR) best practices is becoming more important. A strategic cloud PR campaign will set your business apart in the market. Customers often understand the benefits of cloud technology but need help developing a cloud-based strategy that best helps them reach their goals.

There are many solutions to improve cloud PR initiatives. Many feel that providers could help themselves by focusing on customized, end-user needs rather than simply promoting cloud-based solutions in general. However you look at it though, the best cloud PR programs usually contain the following approaches:

Combine your initiatives. Successful cloud PR campaigns integrate search engine optimization, social media presence, content marketing and public relations to ensure that your message is fully saturated in the marketplace. Increasing your visibility will only enhance the investment you make into cloud PR.

Pay attention to cloud developments. Pay attention to popular trends among cloud users. Because of its fluid nature, people are constantly changing and improving their engagement with cloud-based technology. Understanding how to leverage trends successfully will increase your cloud PR.

Work With Analysts. "Cloud technology is only valuable for a business if all of their data is successfully translated when they make the switch," said Adam Claude, spokesperson for OAC Technology: Cloud Solutions. "Building relationships with established tech analysts who can endorse your product will increase customer confidence and enhance your cloud PR campaign."

Pay attention to the competition. Paying attention to the successful techniques of your peers will only enhance your own product delivery. Replicating smart, proven strategies will help you decrease any competitive advantage by similar companies and help you rise as a market leader. Studying your peers will help you learn both from their mistakes and from their success, allowing you to integrate their experience into your product, making it more effective.

Utilize external professionals. Because every technology business is now marketing their cloud-based capabilities, working with third party experts that will back your claims with sound technical specs will only enhance your PR campaign.

The faster you are able to implement these strategies at your own firm, the better off your business will be. The accessibility of cloud-based computing means that the marketplace is becoming crowded with providers, many of whom are offering similar services. If you are able to leverage these cloud PR best practices in your own company, it will help you gain the visibility and reputation you need to rise above others in your field that may be similarly marketed.