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Monday, November 30, 2015

Looking For a Job in PR? How Can Tattoos Impact Your Success?

Securing a job in media relations or PR is not an easy feat. It is important to understand that many media company employers take bodily markings into consideration, especially permanent ones such as tattoos.

Possessing visible tattoos may not be an issue when you interview for a younger company. Older business owners, however, often relate those who have tattoos with a lack of professionalism. For many, tattoos are a part of their identity and act as a way to express themselves. Many of these employers do not see it the same way.

Depending on the company, tattoos can even be seen as completely unacceptable in the office environment. The best practice is to keep your tattoos discreet if you are not sure what the view or policy of your potential employer is.

“Clothing that covers parts of the body with tattoos – such as long sleeved shirts and long pants – can not only disguise tattoos from your employer, but also make a good impression in regards dressing habits,” said Karis Heffron, a provider of Tattoo Removal Services in Minneapolis. “Most employers will take this into consideration when hiring.”

If you work in a larger PR company that provides standards of conduct for its employees, it is a good idea to look for tattoo policies in the employee handbook. In many larger corporations or franchises, frequent employee interviews and performance evaluations occur. These checks up can happen at random, and on an unfortunate day, you could be reprimanded for breaking a policy.

If taken the wrong way, some tattoos can be seen as offensive and vulgar. Before applying, evaluate yourself. Employers are not a specific category of people and can come from any culture.