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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

8 Ways to Get a Job in Financial PR

If you are considering a career in financial public relations (PR), there are several things you should keep in mind. While most people understand what PR person does, not many have heard of financial PR. It is exactly what it says: public relations related or specializing in finances. It is a financial communications consultant or specialist.

A position in financial PR ordinarily involves working closely with C-Suite executives and other senior management in an advisory capacity on corporate issues related to financials. They must build close, trusting relationships with their clients and will often be a part of high-level, strategic discussions. 

A financial PR consultant must have certain qualities in order to succeed:

  1. Be ready show the highest level of professionalism, business knowledge, and discretion.
  2. Given the importance of a public company's financial health and stock price, the financial PR person will play an important role in financial communications for the company and/or its executives,
  3. You should have intuitive business acume. You will have access to strategic discussions and you need to be intelligent and prepared to move quickly with evolving business demands.
  4. Be savvy. Be persuasive. You will advise senior management and often will be their firewall or links to media. You will play a critical role for a public company, and you will have to be ready to adeptly and persuasively handle business and general media, analysts, and possibly investors. 

  5. Network: Be a good networker in and out of the office. Make it your job to meet people in and out of the PR industry. Make it your job to let them know you and your work. Build contacts and relationships with media individuals.

  6. Be a good learner. You will need to learn your client's industry and their business model. Try to understand the company culture. What you don't know already, you should learn – and quickly. Read trade journals and business sections and newspapers to keep current on news, especially business news.

  7. Be a good listener. Listen, then listen more, take copious notes, and ask relevant questions. 
- It will be important to always be organized and be efficient with your time. The client needs to see this in the financial PR consultant.
  8. Be prepared to move quickly and professionally in a rapidly evolving situation or crisis. 

A position as a financial PR consultant can be extremely rewarding and can bring certain opportunities as a professional. It will never be boring; it will certainly be demanding of everything you have - especially your commitment.