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Thursday, August 13, 2015

PR Caffeine's Ryan Berkness Shares SEO Secrets in Book

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a necessity for website owners in order to successfully drive online traffic. Now individuals can learn the “secret sauce” of SEO in a new book by Ryan Berkness, founder and CEO of PR Caffeine.

“It’s always been essential to have quality content on a website because of Google's ever-changing algorithm,” said Berkness. “With recent changes, it's become even more important.”

In “Mastering On-Page Optimization: The Secret Sauce of an SEO System,” Berkness walks readers through some of the secrets to successful on-page optimization of a website.

“Armed with this information, websites can scream to the top of the rankings,” said Berkness. “Business owners can get the traffic they need to grow their businesses by implementing these SEO secrets.”

Berkness covers topics including:
·         Is on-page optimization important?  
·         Getting started
·         Get Webmaster Tools
·         Remove pages
·         Use Google's "site:" search
·         Understand your tags
·         Outbound links and internal links
·         Time to talk to WordPress users
·         Other important on-page optimization factors
·         Google Authorship
·         Site speed
·         Content truly is king
·         Don't underestimate the power of video content
·         Tying it all together

The book is available for sale from the PR Caffeine website here:

PR Caffeine is the home to EspreSEO, a full menu of SEO strategies. A free SEO audit report can be requested at