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Monday, June 22, 2015

Apple Nudging Its Way Into the Search Industry

In an apparent attempt to chip away at Google’s user base, Apple has been improving the search capabilities of the Spotlight feature on its iOS 9. In fact, several influential bloggers have recently expressed their belief that Apple will transform Spolight into a functional search engine.

The Spotlight app features a very convenient search function that offers personalized news and information to its users before they search for it. Once you open Spotlight, you will have the ability to access recent news, local businesses and their primary contacts.

What this truly means is that Apple users will have one less step to take when it comes to online searching. This fact could result in a diminished user and client base for Google in the future.

With Google, searching for tips for building an outdoor patio will result in a list of websites that offer advice services related to deck building. At times, it can be challenging to find information that fills all of your informational needs. With Spotlight, a search for deck building tips will bring you straight to the tips themselves within its app, eliminating the need for a long search process.