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Monday, June 01, 2015

3 Healthcare Public Relations Mistakes to Avoid

I recently discussed three public relations tips for healthcare providers. With healthcare being such a diverse and significant field, I feel that it the topic should be examined further. My previous article discussed PR actions that you should take in order to enhance your healthcare brand’s reputation. This time, I am discussing three PR mistakes that doctors, medical offices and all healthcare-related organizations should avoid.

Mistake #1: You fail to consider the local population.
When you are creating news releases and materials for media communications, do not write only for a broad audience. Consider the local population. Why? It is because people will have an easier time relating to news that is associated with their immediate surroundings. For example, those looking for allergy information in Minnesota will want to know about local allergens and not those in Florida.

Mistake #2: You do not write your media releases for a specific reporter or media personality.

In order to successfully distribute your healthcare press releases via a reporter, make sure that you have written your material with that specific reporter in mind. Check out the articles that they have published and make sure that your notes follows a similar format.

Mistake #3: In your press release, your first paragraph is…boring.

From a marketing perspective, healthcare is an incredibly competitive industry. That is why – when it comes to written healthcare-related PR material or marketing articles – you truly need to grab the reader’s attention right away. If you do not do so quickly, it is unlikely that your readers will continue reading this or any article that you release.