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Friday, April 24, 2015

Horton joins Weber as SVP/Creative Director

matt horton photo
Matt Horton
Matt Horton joined our Creative Experience team this month as Senior Vice President/Creative Director. Matt’s pedigree is extensive. He has nearly 20 years of experience along creative lines, including creative director leadership roles at Carmichael Lynch, FCB Global, Leo Burnett, Campbell Mithun and JWT.
Forever a student of “culture, the arts and non-sequitur humor” Matt joins our agency’s growing body of creative talent across the network that brings a deeper creative force to bear within the discipline of communications.
When tossed the question “how do you get great creative to happen?”:
Make it about the work. THE WORK comes first. Before you. Before me. Before EVERYTHING. Make that the Hierarchy. Treat every assignment you get like it’s the last project you’ll ever be known for. Don’t just do your work. Have Ideas about your work. Take the initiative! Don’t wait for asks, create on behalf of our existing and potential clients. Be smart about it. Live the brand/project. Become a student of it. Get it in your subconscious.